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Know your Zodiac

Have you ever thought about the symbol of your sun sign? Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a unique symbol which is used to represent the zodiac. Only Greek mythology has a story associated with every symbol and its … Continue reading

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Utsav with Poster colors

Since the day I have seen the movie Utsav, I am really amazed at the marvellous work of the director, Girish Karnad and execution of the concept. The film is generally viewed in a bad taste. A common misconception is that … Continue reading

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Mirza Ghalib

Generally people associate Ghalib with dejection, separation, frustration, etc. All these feelings are quite apparent in his work. But the legend called Ghalib is much more than that. Even while displaying the same feelings of grief, separation, broken-heartedness, the words … Continue reading

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