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I am a story teller. My unconscious self works a 9 hours a day in IT paying my due credits to my educational qualifications (read degrees). My conscious self is always busy 24X7 weaving new stories and trying to find out ways to tell them. I have authored a book, drawn few comic books, graphic novels and more are on the way :)

The proud Pishachas – an excerpt from my upcoming book –

an excerpt from my upcoming book Kurukshetra Yuddha part 2 गौरवान्वित निशाचर रात्रि का अन्धकार बढ़ने लगा था। चहुँ ओर रणभूमि में फिर से निशाचर और हिंसक जीव जन्तु आ गए। सियार, गिद्ध, कौव्वे, कुत्ते रणभूमि में फैलते चले गए। … Continue reading

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Legends of India 06: The Shunga Period

The advent of Buddhism and Jainism played a great role in shaping the history of India in 2nd century BC. Pushyamitra Shunga, the commander of the last Mauryan king Brihadratha killed the king, in the first of its kind act … Continue reading

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The longing of Laxman – An excerpt from Kurukshetra Yuddha-2, Ardhasatya

……………………………………. दुर्योधन के जाने के पश्चात्‌ लक्ष्मण बहुत देर वहीं उसके तम्बू के बाहर खड़ा रहा। चहुँ ओर से उसे सन्तुष्ठ क्षत्रियों के स्वर सुनाई देने लगे। सम्शप्तकों की प्रतिज्ञा से आश्वस्त वे योद्धा फिर से मदिरा और स्त्रियों में … Continue reading

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Lotiya Pathan – One of the greatest villain characters ever created

1980s to 1990s saw a unique era in Bollywood, when some of the greatest films were made and also some of the worst movies were made during that time. There were some films that stand out among others and for … Continue reading

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Legends of India 05: King Ashoka

My next installment on Legends of India talks about the greatest king who ruled these lands. King Ashoka and his story, his legends, and of-course with my drawings. Please read the full article here:

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The Virtuals – The psychological Science Fiction Thriller by Anupam Sinha

Read “The Virtuals” by Anupam Sinha. This is the first text novel from the man who gave us Super Commando Dhruv. He is known as the master of fiction. The Virtuals is a thriller which tells the story of a … Continue reading

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Bangalore Comic con 2014

I participated in the Bangalore comic con 2014, last month. It was a wonderful experience. Got to meet again lots of like minded people, Sold my art work, my books, some merchandise, etc.   I participated as an artist in … Continue reading

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