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Boys do cry

One of the famous verses of Mirza Ghalib says: “Dil hi to hai na sang o khisht, dard se bhar na jaye kyun Royenge hum hazaar baar,koi hame sataye kyun” (Sang-o-Khisht =brick stone) Which means that if it is heart, … Continue reading

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Black and White

The meaning of the word “Albus” in Albus Dumbledore is white. White signifies purity and good things. Snape on the other hand used to wear all black, even the color of his hair and eyes were black. Black signifies evil or all bad things. But not only the person bearing the white name was pure, niether was the person wearing black was evil.

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Innocency and the Almighty

We all pass through this stage called childhood and people say that its actually the best time of everybody’s life. I agree. But I also agree that when you have crossed that stage and keep going a long way, and then, whenever you encounter this stage at any point of life, you enjoy more than what you have enjoyed when you yourself were in that stage. Continue reading

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