God of cricket retires with a Bharat Ratna

So Sachin Tendulkar retires from cricket. I have never been a cricket aficianado. But, it was really interesting to see him bid farewell to everyone. His farewell speech was emotional to the core. He acknowledged the people who made him right from his parents, to cousins, aunts, uncles everyone. That is called humble nature.

Sachin TendulkarI saw in a News channel where a reporter asked an intellectual about the reason why Sachin is so popular and has become an icon. To this question the man gave a very valid reason. In these times, public specially youth is so well fed with knowledge and intellect that they won’t choose simply anyone as their inspiration. Specially when they know that most of those who make into popularity these days either have a strong family background or money or something or other behind him. But Sachin was an exception. He grew to popularity and achieved everything purely on the basis of talent and merit. He is seen as a role model for everyone.

I was bowled over by his humility when he said that his father always wanted him to be a better human being, “for which he still try to be” instead of saying that “he is”.

Finally the Government has decided to give him the “Bharat Ratna”; the highest civilian award in India. That would be a true salute to him. I see that like other popular public figures, there are controversies associated with Sachin too. But his image and popularity overshadows everything and is enough to convince his fans that he indeed is a Ratna (jewel) of Bharat (India).

Sachin Tendulkar

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  1. anandkumarrs says:

    Well written. While on Sachin, Pls do read my post on Sachin – “The Little Master’s Long and Towering Inning !!! http://wp.me/p1dZc2-ij
    Feedback welcome

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