Legends of India 02- King Porus

In the second installment in this series we go back to 320 BC and talk about one of the greatest and most famous king from our country who not only finds mention in our history but also hold a strong and important presence in Greek history.
King Porus, popularly known as the one who fought with Alexander in his last battle at Hydespas. It is mentioned at many places that this Porus may be the same king who helped Chandragupta Maurya in annexing Magadha and forming the Maurya dynasty in 320 BC. Both Indian and Greek historian believe that he was killed in a conspiracy.

King Porus

King Porus

My post on King Porus talks about the various mentions by historians and the timeline with my paintings depicting the important events of King Porus.

You can read the post on my blog here:


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