Legends of India 01: Gautam Buddha

I have read a lot in recent times about the history of India. Nothing new for those who already know. But the stories made me again feel proud of being from this country. There are countless legendary personalities who were born in India, or who left their presence in India. My drawing instruments were dying to draw as many of them as possible. Some of them are very famous and some are less known, while some of them never got much importance.

So I decided to tell you all about these legends of India in a new series.
No, it’s not replication of what the great Amar Chitra Katha is doing. It’s just a fraction of the information from history and my take on that.

The first section would start from where recorded history was believed to be considered indeed as recorded history. I start it with the tales of Legendary Gautam Buddha.

Gautam Buddha:

Buddha who was born in around mid 6th century BC and lived up to mid 5th century BC was the founder of Buddhism. He was born as prince Siddharth, son of a Shakya king. He lived in all royal comforts during his youth days. It was when he witnessed the real grief and pain of life (It is mentioned he had seen one aging man, one dead and decaying corpse, one ascetic). He was moved by the sight and he understood the meaning of nothingness in life and he left his home and went to meditate.
It is said that in Bodhagaya in India, Buddha got enlightenment of knowledge, which he later spread to people and later his followers.

There are many interesting stories associated with Buddha and some principle personalities in his lifetime. I have discussed about them in my blog entry here along with my paintings:



About Mrinal Rai

I am a story teller. My unconscious self works a 9 hours a day in IT paying my due credits to my educational qualifications (read degrees). My conscious self is always busy 24X7 weaving new stories and trying to find out ways to tell them. I have authored a book, drawn few comic books, graphic novels and more are on the way :)
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