Participating in 2nd Annual Comic Con

Finally, a golden chance.

I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Comic Convention to be held in Dilli Haat, New Delhi for 17, 18, 19 Feb. I have booked a stall to put up my comics, my finished, unpublished comics along with some sneakpeaks of my book on Kurukshetra war. I just hope that some publisher comes and see it. All left to God, I have kept my fingers crossed. The name of my stall would be “Mrinal’s art: The lotus of Saraswati”, and I have also designed a logo for myself. It purposefully consists of an image of Goddess Saraswati represnting all forms of art.

Mrinal's art: The Lotus of Saraswati

Here I have shown all forms of art represented by this single image. I will leave it to the viewer to identify how different forms like Acting, Music, dance, drawing and writing are shown in this pic. I just wanted Maa Saraswati’s blessings with me when I will showcase my work. I have just kept my fingers crossed. Let something good happens.

You are invited to this Convention. For details, please visit:


About Mrinal Rai

I am a story teller. My unconscious self works a 9 hours a day in IT paying my due credits to my educational qualifications (read degrees). My conscious self is always busy 24X7 weaving new stories and trying to find out ways to tell them. I have authored a book, drawn few comic books, graphic novels and more are on the way :)
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One Response to Participating in 2nd Annual Comic Con

  1. Sandy says:

    All the “very best luck”… I will pray ki you have a ‘satisfied experience’ in Comincon-2012. One thing is good that you will interact with many other writers/ artists, which will be a good experience.

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