Innocency and the Almighty


Some people say that God resides in the heart of a child. Somebody told me that newborn babies and infants smile sometimes without any reason because they see God.

Whenever we are unhappy, stressed or disappointed, and then, if we see a kid smiling out at us, within a flash of second all our worries will vanish. Its so simply true !! We all pass through this stage called childhood and people say that its actually the best time of everybody’s life. I agree. But I also agree that when you have crossed that stage and keep going a long way, and then, whenever you encounter this stage at any point of life, you enjoy more than what you have enjoyed when you yourself were in that stage.

Think of a scenerio when you are in some public place, say in a mall, (ofcourse I am telling my personal experience), you have purchased something and now you stand in a queue to pay the bill. The queue is long and you have been waiting for a long time. You have some urgent requirement you need to address when you get out of the mall, but you are helpless as the queue is long and you have to wait. Bonus, there is a sudden problem in the system of the attendant. He goes out to some other attendant for seeking help leaving the customers waiting in the queue. All this is so frustrating, that you start cursing everyone. Even the man standing behind you talking to his friend on his cell and laughing. ‘Do these people have any sense? How to act in public? does it looks civilized when you laugh this way on your cell? Now what the hell has happened to this attendant’s system? they should keep two counters, etc etc.

Then suddenly the baby, carried by the lady standing before you in the queue, wakes up from his/her (I cant distinguish by looking at the new borns whether its boy or a girl..) sleep.

The baby looks at you and smiles.

You are helpless. You cannot avoid returning the favor with your smile. Its the charisma of the innocency that the child carries. If the baby was crying in the queue, you would have felt even more irritated,but when he smiles looking at you, it simply makes your day !!

Few days back when I was sitting in an auto and the auto stopped at a red signal, I saw another auto very close to ours but a little ahead. A lady was sitting in that auto with a child in her lap. There was a pair of two cute feets visible from the sides of the auto, I could not see the face of the little angel but I just kept looking at the feet and felt delighted.

Innocency of a child is directly related to the selflessness needed to worship God. The proponents of every religion have said that when you don’t have any selfish motive then and then only you are closer to God. And then look at a smiling child, so innocent, so pure. If they say that God resides in the hearts of children, so true they say. Look at the wonderful creation cycle by God, that each one of us is passed through the stages of that innocence, that purity, that selflessness.

But as we cross this stage we slowly become devoid of all these traits.

But whenever in our lives we encounter this stage, we should bow. As we would be saluting the basic innocency the Almighty has blessed all of us with….


About Mrinal Rai

I am a story teller. My unconscious self works a 9 hours a day in IT paying my due credits to my educational qualifications (read degrees). My conscious self is always busy 24X7 weaving new stories and trying to find out ways to tell them. I have authored a book, drawn few comic books, graphic novels and more are on the way :)
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9 Responses to Innocency and the Almighty

  1. Deependu says:

    Very true…
    the look of a child smiling makes us feel really very good…and give a soothing effect……

  2. Pankaj Raina says:


  3. can i share this on google plus

  4. sorry, i shared now.
    First, i couldnt find the link, thought of copy and paste, so i asked. But later, i found the link and shared. TQ

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